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rooterhusky wrote in furryadventure
I'm looking to plan a day long hiking trip for sometime soon. The trip could last a little longer, but it would be some optional extras.

Who: Anyone and everyone able to/wanting to go (may have to limit if we want to stay as a group)

What (do I bring?): Backpack, bottled water, lunch, trail snacks and proper attire. (feel free not to bring tail and ears and stuff, they would just get in to way)

Where: We'll meet a day before at my place and get ready for the trip. The next day we'll all drive up to Keene, NH (or we can meet there) and hike up Mt. Monadnock. After the hike we'll go our separate ways or head back to my place to unwind, then leave the next day. Sleep overs are welcome, but space is limited.

When: Not sure yet, looking to see if there is enough interest to warrant planning a trip. Tentatively in April.

Why: Duh... for fun.

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I am interested depending on the date you do this! :)

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